About Me

Hi, I have always been a designer at heart throughout school and higher education. Ventured into Graphics Design early on in College and later on in Solid modelling for Mechanical Design.

My Interest in making stuff helped me in solving many problems during my Masters Degree. During this Period, I worked on some of the most compelling projects like Designing A DIY style Prosthetic Knee Joint for Low income Amputees and Bamboo Composites. These projects won me some national awards as well in 2019 along with some scientific papers.

Working with 3D views eventually got me interested in motion graphics and scientific visualization. My love for telling visually appealing stories landed me many gigs for videos making as well. I started working with IISER Pune for Science Communication and Research Outreach.

I am now seeking opportunities in product design where i can solve more problems using the skills i have developed over the years.

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