Hi, I am Anurag Shukla

I design both physical & digital products. I have a background in Industrial Design along with Experience in UX Design. I also love making long and short form videos as a creator

More About Me...

This is what i do

💖UX Design
    My experience in implementing design methodologies has helped me in getting an all round knowledge perspective of digital , tangible and service based products.
    🧪 Prototyping
I love making Visual Prototypes and Motion Design. I have use Adobe XD and aftereffects to create design prototypes and Explainer Videos respectively.
👨‍💻 Design and Science Outreach
    I am currently helping Science Teachers Deliver Activity based lessons in classroom. I write lesson plans and produce instructional videos for Teachers for an Educational Portal in Association with IISER PUNE.
    📝 Research
      Publishing Scientific Papers and Patenting My own Mechanism has given me a robust understanding of secondary research.